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Attention: This is not the page for the new python packaging standard called wheels!

You can find a nice list of wheels ready packages here


PythonOnWheels (or short PoW) is a small and quick rapid web application generator framework for Python.
If you to want start to develop your web-application and focus on the App, instead of the framework, you are in the right place.

PythonOnWheels feels right if you do not recognize that you use it.

I like to thank the brilliant ideas and implementations of Ruby on Rails. Patterns and theory were there, but, but rails really brought it to life. I like to keep it simple, though ;)


PythonOnWheels doesn't reinvent the wheel but is based on the brilliant frameworks out there. Namely:

So if you are building an app on PoW you are relying on the Python standard libs out there.

PoW just brings it all together in a way that you can focus on your app instead of focusing on the frameworks.

...next steps

  1. Watch the weblog in 10 minutes Screencast »
  2. Get it from github
  3. generate Your first model.generate_model <name>
  4. generate Your first controller. generate_controller <name>
  5. scaffold your views. generate_scaffold <name>
  6. start simple_server.pygo to http://localhost:8080 and enjoy.

+++ News +++

I am trying to setup pythonOnWheels asynchronous based on tornado and mongoDB in the backend. Projectname is copow (since the first step was to build it on coroutines.) check it here.