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PythonOnWheels conventions and design 

Getting started.

Install and run your first PoW Application.

Let's create a simple todo app:

You can also watch the todo app intro as a 10 Minute video introduction

Step 1: Adding a todo model

Basics working with models. Building a NoSQL Todo list model.

Step 2: Adding a handler to our app

Basics working with handlers to built a todo REST API

Step 3: Adding a web frontend with scaffolding.

Basics working with views. Building a bootstrap web frontend using scaffolding.

More in depth Docs and Tutorials

These are actually a mixture of documentation and hands on tutorial. So you can execute the actual commands while reading through the sections.

Dont't panic. Since PoW does the boilerplate behind the scenes you don't have to type much. That's the idea of PythonOnWheels.

1. Models (storing your data)

2. Handlers (creating your API)


Watch the (new) intro video (10 Minutes)

Create a todo app using the tinyDB NoSQL Database, scaffolded Bootstrap4 views and a REST API handler.