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Ruby on Rails intro from 2006

DHH on RoR the famous blog in 15 Minutes...

Just for the records.

Great tool, great philosophy.

PythonOnWheels goal is to make this fluent workflow and the principles available for Python web development!

Check the PythonOnWheels intro video

A lot more here on board:

But this is 2020 and not 2006 so that's clear...

  • Supporting a lot of SQL DBs through SQLAlchemy
  • NoSQL DBs (Mongo, TinyDB, Elastic, Atlas)
  • Multi DB support for one app. (SQl and NoSQL mix possible)
  • Cerberus Schemas as Model definitions, so validation is on board
  • Modern CSS Frameworks Bootstrap4, FomanticUI, spectre
  • Websockets
  • Async
  • oAuth2
  • Super easy REST routing (one Decorator, done!)
  • JSON, XML,CSV for every model out of the box
  • Reflection for existing SQL DBs..
  • ... and lots more.

Watch the intro video, follow the getting started intro or read the docs